Persatuan Malim Gunung Malaysia “PMGM” or Malaysia Mountain Guide Association “MMGA” is an association who has registered under the Department of Malaysian Registry “JPPM”.

The Association rise from a combination of an individuals who possesses Malim Gunung as a full-time and part-time career whereas practicing it professionally. Malim Gunung's are majorly working in a specific of the mountains range around Malaysia Peninsular as well as Sabah and Sarawak of Borneo which is taken care under the protection of the State, District Forest Department as well as parks and requires a written permit application for any entry of the Hikers, climbers.

Among the Major G7(acronym to 7000 feet height) Mountain that are become specialities among PMGM Guides are;

  • Mount Tahan
  • Mount Korbu
  • Mount Yong Yap
  • Mount Gayong
  • Mount Chamah
  • Mount Ulu Sepat
  • Mount Yong Belar

Apart of it, there are also four other mountains which is fall under 7-eleven category which is Mount Batu Puteh, Mount Irau, Mount Benom and Mount Gerah, which is classified to nearly height of 7000 feet.

PMGM also took responsibilities of guiding famous mountains such as Tok Nenek, Bubu, Nuang, Bunga Buah, Berembun, Telapak Burok, Besar Hantu, Tapis, Kenderung, Kerunai, Belumut, Chabang, Tangga and more than hundreds over mountains in Malaysia. Not to be forgotten, the famous trans in Malaysia History which is Transpeak V1, V2 and the latest one Grand Trans Titiwangsa V3 Full Version (18 mountains (including six G7 mountains), 200km (+/-) in 21 days), YYBTN, GBB, Trans Naning, Trans Batu and 40 more Trans recorded.

As an association that involves in handling a person or a group of clients, PMGM are very committed to delivers the workmanship especially to every clients under their supervisions as well as other civilians that they met along the trails.Therefore, in order to ensure the quality is delivered, a series of tight selection was conducted to ensure every Guides are equipped with skills and understanding for the field work later on when meeting with clients.

The motto of MEMARTABAT.MEMELIHARA.MELINDUNGI (UPHOLDING.MAINTAIN.PROTECTING) become a sacred words to every each personnel registered under PMGM's.

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